Where are we?

We not only sell our fish directly to you in our smokehouse in Kaltenkirchen, but also at various events. However, our range in the trailer not only contains delicious smoked fish, but also fish rolls, freshly prepared as at the Hamburg fish market.

Our bestsellers such as Matjes or Bismarck naturally also include warm dishes, such as fried fish with potato salad or, for the gourmets among you, our finger food plate with fried prawns, squid rings and kibbelings. Now you are probably asking yourself: What are kibbelings? Kibbelinge have their origin in Holland and are cod in a crispy batter, which we serve freshly fried.

Our events include, for example: the Traventhal State Stud near Bad Segeberg, the fish market on Fehmarn, the Rendsburg autumn, stubble market and Christmas market in Barmstedt, but also larger events such as the Eppendorfer Land or Easter Road Festival.

As you can see, we are represented everywhere, both at small and large markets and events. So pack up your seven things and come and visit us.

We look forward to you!!

Your Jörn's Räucherei team